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a big fat zero. at this rate, that will be my total for this year, too!

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Apologies in advance, but i'm still perplexed with this whole perimeter ride topic.  I understand what it is but I'm hung-up on the mechanics.

1. Is the perimeter ride a group ride?  If so, where/when is that ride advertised?

2. If the perimeter ride is not a group ride, can someone share a cue sheet or GPX file?

(I invested about 15 minutes searching old posts for perimeter rides but nothing was recent and I couldn't locate a detailed route.  Although in fairness, a complete search would have taken hours to read every single post on the topic.)

Thanks in advance,


The Perimeter Ride is both -- it has been an annual group ride that has traditionally taken place in September and it can be a self-guided ride as I perform. Sean, I could provide you with a "cue sheet" or invite you to join me sometime. I completed 83 Perimeter Rides last year, each one a solo performance.

I don't do gps, gpx, strava, map my ride or even own a smart phone. What you see here are vinyl album maps that I created last year as part of an art exhibition which documented my Perimeter Rides.

just put "chicago" into google maps and zoom the right amount to get the actual perimeter. then decide for yourself how closely to follow it:

hmm, this might be an interesting exercise.

o'hare is usually the big question, but what about, for example, navy pier? the actual perimeter goes all the way out to its end (and back).

I could identify any number of more obscure literal perimeter points that one has to regard/disregard/negotiate in striking a Perimeter Ride. For example, I usually ride along the western shore of Wolf Lake, whereas the actual city limits/state line runs along the causeway in the middle of the lake. I usually choose not to ride to the state line at 134th Street but take Avenue O to Brainard instead. When riding east/west along 130, I commonly choose not to deadhead south down Torrence to the Little Calumet River (13800 S.) Again while proceeding along 130th Street, I also typically choose not to tack south along Doty Road to Flatfoot Lake (13700/13800 S) in the Beubien Forest Preserve. Still proceeding along 130th, I infrequently ride south along Indiana and cross the Little Calumet to intersect Leyden and 138th Street (welcome to Dolton!) Further still, I draw a straight line along 127th Street heading east/west instead of rolling down the Major Taylor Trail to 129th Place along the northern banks of the Little Calumet. I have ridden to all these points and others, but for my standard PR I perform a more thru route.

I'm up to 1,696 miles. Wishing my lighter commuter hadn't eaten another rear wheel a few weeks ago by mulching up a coaster brake hub. Too many of these miles are on the cargo bike.


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