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a big fat zero. at this rate, that will be my total for this year, too!

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778 miles YTD

310 in February, 726 on the year so far. (76.5 of that inside on the rollers)

Still trying to get my average back up over 100 miles a week, but there'll be time for that when the weather's nicer. 

601 miles and 2 Perimeter Rides in Feb.

1074.3 miles and 3 Perimeter Rides Y-T-D (which places me 94.7 miles and 7 PRs behind last year's pace.)

333 road miles + 741.3 hamster miles.

413.4 after the Third Step Ride, a tailwind each way!

extrapolation for 2018: down to 1695.4  :-(

954 miles through March. Consecutive days biked streak at 90 having cycled every day in 2018 so far. 

you go, guy!

I made 337.53 for March, which makes 696.90 for the year.

February hurt me having only gotten out 3 times for only 108.64 miles, so I'm kinda happy with how I did in March. 

hopefully this year February will be the cruellest month  :-)

1266 miles YTD - I'm ready for some better weather!!!

747.4 miles with 5 Perimeter Rides in March.

1,821.7 miles and 8 Perimeter Rides Y-T-D (just 46.3 miles but 7 PRs behind last year's pace.)

513 road miles + 234.4 hamster miles.

i still think it would be cool if you got in 100 perimeter rides some year, and i'm confident you could do it, but of course you have to set your own goals, lol

at the risk of asking a dumb question, whats a perimeter ride?


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