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a big fat zero. at this rate, that will be my total for this year, too!

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Sorry to have missed this ride (again), but there is a flu bug in the house. Achy, light-headed, with a nasty cough.

However, I did get my first Perimeter Ride of the year in on Thursday (1/25), almost a year to the day from last year's first (1/23/2017).

310 miles in January, for a nice round number average of 10 miles per day. (All outside for those keeping score at home; indoor trainers may be lovely, but that's not my thing.) I met my goal for January, which was to ride every single day. It wasn't too challenging, although there were a couple of days that tested my mettle; that minus-7 degree commute on January 2nd comes to mind. Pogies and ski goggles definitely helped mitigate the conditions on many of the colder days. Onward into February!

{Sorry that screenshot is so large - posted from my phone.}

I managed to end January with 250 miles in 10 rides. I'm pretty happy with that considering some of the temps. we've had this month.

The month of Janus has past with 472. 8 miles and one Perimeter Ride registered y-t-d. For my own record keeping, that breaks down to just 121.5 miles on the streets and 351.3 "lovely" miles in the gym, which places me 189.8 miles ahead of January 2017. I would have loved to grab an extra PR or two during the recent thaw, but this damn virus (flu/cold/adenovirus?) will not give up the ghost.

320 miles for January. Rode the cold front this first morning of February. Nice 32 degree ride, but I felt the chill at my back. Expecting teens on the ride home.

One month down on my plan to ride (outside!) every day this year. 416 miles in January. 

Every day? I'm amazed you've pulled that off! With how super cold(no thanks to wind chill) some days and nights get(especially at night), I don't know if I could've pulled that off. Kudos to you!

248.2 after the Second Step Ride. enjoyed the sun and the tailwind on the way home. 70 miles, not bad for february.

extrapolation for 2018 up to 1848.8.

595 miles through February for 2018.

I've kept two streaks alive: cycling every day so far in 2018 and averaging at least 10 miles per day for the second straight month. I'm keeping myself on a month-to-month basis for the biking every day goal, but after powering through some tricky snow days in February, as the weather improves I aim to keep it going in March (tomorrow's rain and wind forecast notwithstanding!)

All I managed was 3 rides in Feb for 108 miles.

359 miles and 15 rides for the year.

All mileage and ride totals get my respect. Especially in the winter, even on the shorter rides, I'm just stoked for getting out there and making the effort!

Anyhow, here comes curt(is) to blow us all away with his mileage and perimeter ride totals! ;)


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