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a big fat zero. at this rate, that will be my total for this year, too!

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5,296.16 total for 2018; not as much as I was aiming for, but at least more than 2017

3921 for 2018.  Lowest in a long time due to over five weeks of illness or travel during the year, plus avoiding the LFP during construction, leading to shorter daily commutes.

2236.8 (100% outside) for me, down from 2507.7 last year. my goal for 2020: 2020! :-)

got my divvy stats, another 81.45 = grand total 2318.25

10369 miles total, still all outdoors....

My 2018 total: 1763.8 miles. I was shooting for 1700, so I exceeded that goal. I got a mystery neck injury that kept me off the bike for about six weeks or else I'm sure I would have made it to 1850.

Thanks! What made my neck pain go away? Combination of ibuprofen, physical therapy, heating pad, and time. (I'm still not 100%, but it's good enough that if I had to spend the next several decades feeling what I'm feeling, I can deal with it.) It started when my wife and I were on a road trip in California. It might have been sleeping in uncomfortable beds, driving uncomfortable rental cars (definitely big enough but not comfy enough!), and dragging over-heavy luggage across SFO when the shuttle service wasn't available. The pain became unbearable! It was so bad that when I'd take the 147 bus home from work, the slightest bump would set my back off and I'd be in agony...but I'm much better now!

at the front of the pack in 2018, based on what's been posted so far, "+" = more than last year:

10,369 100% outside MagMileMarauder January 1
8089 68% outside curt(is) locke December 31
7628 85% outside Sean December 31 +
5783 100% outside JimM. December 21
5672 TonyP December 31
5531 Jasmin September 14
5296 Sean Newby December 31 +
5249 100% outside Patricia Unsinn December 25

and a special mention to Brett Miller:

365 consecutive days of cycling!



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