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a big fat zero. at this rate, that will be my total for this year, too!

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End of July with 5,309.3 miles Y-T-D (3,660.7 road miles +1,648.6 hamster miles) and 34 Perimeter Rides. Now trailing Curt(is)2017 by 706.4 miles and 10 PRs.

Crossed 3500 mostly commuting miles today. Did my first century in ~30 years a couple weekends ago... up the Des Plaines River Trail to almost WI and then caught a tailwind on the McClory to Green Bay Trail and back to Evanston. That was fun!

i remember what a kick it was do do a century after figuring my last one was already behind me  :-)

I'd conservatively estimate 1700 miles so far this year.

1412.2 after Eighth Step Ride + bbq, my longest ride of the year so far @ 82.86. extrapolation for 2018 down to 2174.9.

looking forward to this year's Ninth Step Double-Oktoberfest Almost-Century!

2440 miles (all outdoor) through August, continuing my consecutive days cycled streak - 243, every day in 2018! - and keeping my daily average just barely above 10 miles per day.

keep it up brett!

701.37 for August, about 35 shy of what I was aiming for.

3700.99 total for the year.

August was a shortened month, with two weeks on Maui. Instead of renting a bike, I walked, hiked, snorkeled, and boogie boarded. So, August pulled fewer miles than January, February, or March -- just 317.2 miles and 2 Perimeter Rides. Y-T-D 5,626.5 miles (3,840.7 road miles + 1,785.8 hamster miles) and 36 PRs.

Now trailing Curt(is)2017 by 1,566.8 miles and 17 PRs. Damn, that 2017 is unrelenting!

5199 Outdoor and 731 hamster miles.  on pace to meet goal of 6,000 outdoor miles

5,531 mi for now. Hopefully many more soon!

1651.13 (estimated, after computer got weird then died again) after north shore century, my new longest ride of the year @ 101.93. extrapolation for 2018 up to 2319.

trying to get ready for this year's Ninth Step Double-Oktoberfest Almost-Century!



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