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a big fat zero. at this rate, that will be my total for this year, too!

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Performed 15th Perimeter of 2018 yesterday (3rd in the last 4 days.) It was a little hot by mid-afternoon out west (low 80s), and therefore I was not as strong as on Monday, which was near-perfect. 

Today's ride (Perimeter #16) will push me up to 3,000 miles on the year. Starting with temps in the low 60s and dropping to 54 by late afternoon with slight chance of rain.

So the spots that are in yellow on these maps of the routes you bike, are the stops you did along these rides? I'm impressed, since I've heard of a lot of places(at least vaguely, even if I never stopped there) you mention along these routes. Though once in a while, I've noticed ones you mention on these maps I'm not sure if I'd ever heard of(for this one, Kolatek's Deli) and will have to look up myself.

One of your more recent maps you posted Columbus Park, and that's funny you did. Since this week, I'm thinking about doing a bike ride out to there, and FINALLY visiting that park once and for all after years of wanting to visit that park! I'm also going to do a little exploration of Austin, and also(why wouldn't I?) Oak Park. The irony is that I've walked on Harrison Street(or Avenue? I forget) before in that business district west of Austin, but unfortunately have never been inside Columbus Park. And I need to change that, finally!

If you like street festivals, this Saturday would be a great time to visit Harrison Street between Austin and Ridgeland. The Oak Park Arts District is hosting the "What's Blooming on Harrison Street" festival.

Damn, I'm busy all day on Saturday, otherwise I'd be up for this. Is this going on for Sunday, as well? Thought I'd have to work that day, but looks like I may not have to work after all.

I just looked it up, unfortunately it looks like it only runs 11am-7pm Saturday.

Thanks for responding. Sorry I've been busy as f, so forgot to reply till now. Maybe I'll do another trip over to Columbus Park and that Harrison Ave area, on my own again one of these days. Regardless if there's a special event going on, or not. I always love going through Columbus Park, especially the garden and refectory building area!

Yes, the yellow spots are occasional "sag" stops that I utilize from time to time. While not comprehensive, these do represent a good cross sample of the options available. I do need to update/improve my travel records.

I looked them up just before I saw your post linking to their site, but thanks for posting this link anyway. Was weird that when I looked on their own website, they had several blank pages with no info about some of the things they sell(i.e. cakes, deli). Go figure this oversight, for their website! I'm sure I'll do at least one visit to check out Kolatek's, one of these days.

Cue sheet text to follow.


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