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a big fat zero. at this rate, that will be my total for this year, too!

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No gps or gpx.

This is how I map my ride.

Have you done the annual perimeter ride?  If you search here you can probably find mentions of past rides with routes.  We never would do an actual perimeter.  We skipped going around O'Hare and Midway for starters, it would probably be 80-90 miles for the route that we usually do.

A literal perimeter is somewhat "unwieldy" for reasons that a close look at a google map of the City of Chicago would help illustrate. In particular, choices have to be made regarding how one navigates the southeast corner. Furthermore, there is just no good way of crossing I-94. I use 130th Street, which is intimidating, to say the least, for most cyclists.

is that your soundtrack as well as your route? how about leading us on your route sometime?  :-)

Bob, last spring I DID invite the Chainlink community to participate in a Perimeter Ride which would have coincided with a closing party for my exhibition at Compound Yellow in Oak Park. I had a few nibbles, but no one committed.

give us another chance this year?  :-)

If I could tie it to another exhibition, which I currently do not have, I would be very open to the idea of making it a group ride.

hmm, an exhibition. btw, i didn't know you were an artist!

how about a performance piece? a group ride with a boombox playing those records during those segments?

I missed the "wink" (as in "just kidding, folks!")

I mean, dragging / rattling / bouncing a boombox around for a near century ride sounds rather tedious, to say the least. Furthermore, the DJ in me would not care to be limited by the perimeters of this playlist. I dig creating the killer mix-tape (on cassette, of course) and could riff off this theme. But it ain't gonna happen -- at least not for a group ride. After-party? Possibly.

Still, I appreciate your spit-balling.  

527 after the Fourth Step Ride, extrapolation for 2018 down further, to 1616.4  :-(


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