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18.6 after the Unofficial New Year's Day "Weather Be Damned" Ride. 39 °F and i needed my sunglasses!

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So sorry to hear that.  Nonetheless, what a marvelous try!  Congrats nonetheless!

6 Perimeters and 914.7 miles in May for a total of 27 Perimeters and 3,628.7 miles y-t-d. 19 Perimeters ahead of last year's pace but now 519.7 miles behind.

2027 as of June 3rd.

Plus another 100 or so putzing around the neighborhood

5746 miles, averaging ~50 miles a day 

1,467 as of the 14th. 

7 Perimeters and 1,033.7 miles in June for a total of 34 Perimeters and 4,662.4 miles y-t-d. 12 Perimeters ahead of last year's pace, while falling 592.2 miles behind.

June is in the books now. Due to the injury that forced me to retire from Trans Am, I've barely been riding outside of commuting. That being said, my commute is longer now and so in total I've racked up 1,314 road miles for the month, putting me at 3,856 for the year. My road season is over and it's getting to be time to start training for cyclocross as soon as its safe for me to do so, so my overall ride volume will be decreasing steadily, and I am therefore very confident that I won't be hitting my original mileage goal for the year (I'm currently 2,937 miles behind). So I'm going to lower my goal to 10,000 for the year, which I should be able to hit.


7230 miles for 2017, averaging 50 miles a day the past month. Looks like I can make it to 16000 this year at this pace.

curt(is) you're amazing.

jeremy how long is your commute? 26 mi. each way?

1511.2 for me after the Seventh Step Ride: Laid-Back & Deutsch-Freundlich Version.

I feel I am truly fortunate/blessed to have the free time and robust health to pursue my passion for cycling in the fashion that I currently do.

July ends with 1,341.3 miles and 10 Perimeter Rides cycled for 6,003.7 miles and 44 Perimeters y-t-d. I closed the gap on last year's pace (now only 415 miles behind) while now 14 Perimeters ahead of 2016 at this point.

1591.1 after the Eighth Step Ride. Won't be getting much riding (that counts) in the rest of this month. I guess I won't be catching curt(is). At least not this month!

July is my lowest-mileage month since I started recording my miles. It's been a long recovery from my achilles injury in June, I did some racing at the end of the month and re-injured myself because I'm dumb like that. But #crossiscoming, so I've gotta train somehow.

Anyhow, July brought 256 miles, bringing my total for the year to 4,112 miles.

Onward (just more slowly this time)!


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