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18.6 after the Unofficial New Year's Day "Weather Be Damned" Ride. 39 °F and i needed my sunglasses!

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1250 miles

346.6 after the Second Step Ride

February was a good month to compensate for January - I rode every day of the month (even if just to commute) and spent a week training in the cold rain of Southern California. I hear the weather is nice in Chicago this time of year...

February brought 817.5 miles (including my commute home this afternoon), and because of my trip outside the midwest, 33,783 feet of climbing! Although I exceeded my mileage goal for February, it wasn't enough to compensate for January and so I'm still behind overall at 1,362 miles for the year. But if the weather keeps going the way it has been, there's no telling what March will bring!

End of Feb, with 886 miles this month (I know, I said I was "cutting back" this year but I experienced a rib injury while cross-training with rowing so I'm back on the bike until it abates.) 10 Perimeters on the year with a total of 1,169 miles (247 miles behind last year's pace, but I'm spinning pretty.)

702 miles thru March 12, including my first 160 mile week in quite a while.

508.7 after third step ride. which got up to 80°!

I will top 1000 mi by the end of this weekend!

1,011.8 after yesterday's ride home.

1,933 miles with 15 Perimeters after the first quarter of 2017. I'm 300 total miles behind last year's pace, but 13 Perimeter Rides ahead!

Wow! That's amazing!

Oops -- make that 1,868 miles.

926 as as 3/31. Less than my goal of 1000, but more than in recent years.



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