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18.3 after the Weather Be Damned Ride. 26F + 17 mph = 13 windchill, brr!

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Sure, it's not proprietary. 

Full disclosure -- I don't go around ORD (although I DO touch the Community Area of OHare.) However, I want to ride 'round OHare one time this summer or fall, but I find that circumnavigating the airfield represents miles and miles of less than bike-friendly riding.

I start by jumping on the Lake Front Trail in Hyde Park. I usually ride south and clock-wise, but if the wind is really stiff out of the north I will start by riding into it while I am fresh (with the understanding that I might have to finish with that same head wind, but then the wind often shifts or changes speed over the course of the ride.)

More notes tomorrow.

South on LFT to South Shore Drive (US 41.) Follow US 41 to Ewing Avenue to the Chicago Skyway at 100th Street. Tack southeast along the Burnham Greenway (bike path that parallels Indianapolis Blvd.) to 104th Steet, head south down the Greenway to Wolf Lake / William Power Conservation Area. Roll through Wm. Powers to 130th Street and grab Avenue O south to 134th Street. Hang a right and start the westward swing.

Take Mackinaw south to 136th and tack west to Brainard Ave. Turn right / northwest on Brainard, then fading left / west at 130th Street near the Ford assembly plant. Prepare to ride hard and fast, with eyes in the back of your head, for the next 3 hairy miles as you cross I-94 interchange and pass by Altgeld Gardens till you hit the Little Calumet River. Go right / north along Indiana Ave. and tack left / west at 127th Street. At Ashland (in Calumet Park) turn right / north to 119th Street. Again head west / left to Kedzie (in Merrionette Park.) Hang north / right to 115th Street and tack left / west to Pulaski. This is the south west corner of the City of Chicago, in Mount Greenwood, adjacent to the Village of Alsip to the south and the Chicago High School for Agricultural Science (and historic home to the last working family farm in the city) to the north east.

Although the city still runs west another 1.3 miles to Cicero Avenue (a huge tract that is mostly occupied by St. Casmir Lithuanian Cemetery and Marist High School), I usually choose to start heading north on Pulaski all the way to 63rd Street in West Lawn. Hang left / west on 63rd out to Harlem (Summit-Agro.)

Now, excuse me while I go out for a ride. I'll return with the rest of the route later.

Thanks for the route information, that's a ride I definitely would like to do at least once this summer!

Enjoy your ride, be safe!

From 63rd and Harlem, head north to Archer Avenue and cut back east. Follow Archer to Pulaski, hang a left. Take Pulaski north to Roosevelt. Turn left / west and roll out to Austin Blvd. Tack north on Austin up to North Ave.  Swing left / west back to Harlem. Slide up Harlem to Belmont. Hang left / head west to Cumberland. Turn right / north and proceed to Forest Preserve Drive. Tack right / east and return to Harlem. Left / north on Harlem up to Devon. Although there is another 1.5 miles of city here (Edison Park) up to Howard, I usually begin my eastern migration along Devon.

At Kedzie turn left / north and roll up to Howard. Tack right / east all the way to Clark Street. This is where I often start heading south as I prefer it to Sheridan/Broadway. You could drop down Sheridan/Broadway to Ardmore, which will lead you back to the LFT. But then you would miss the op to re-hydrate at the Hopleaf.

So, head south to 5148 N. Clark and order one or two pints at the high church of hops. Bike-friendly. Remount and head east along Foster to LFT and blow home south.

Wow, you have a really high tolerance for high trafficked arterials...

Yes, fourteen years as a bike messenger in a former life (1986-2000) developed a hard-wired tolerance for traffic.

This route is not for the faint-hearted. Personally, I find the stretches of Pulaski and Harlem to be less contentious, on whole, than the Devon section. 

1094.3 after the Sixth Step Ride. was hoping the ride the temperature (88°) but fell a little short (82 miles).

At the half way mark on the 2016 calendar, I have now surged slightly ahead of my target pace with 5,254.6 miles logged. This includes 22 perimeter rides (with 3 consecutive this week), which equals my total for the entire year in 2015. My goal starting this year was 26 perimeters. With six months remaining, I am now considering raising my target. 

would you be open to some company on one of your perimeters or do you prefer riding solo?

I'm a bit of a lone wolf and tend to ride most of my perimeters during the work week. However, I AM interested in joining you for one the Twelve Step Rides. The Seventh Step might not work as I may still be in northern Michigan at the time.

i remember my first twelfth step ride, it was the only one that year i did solo, and it was so straightforward and uncomplicated. minimal in a way.

it would be great if you came on a 12 Step Ride. unfortunately i won't be able to make the Seventh Step Ride either. Which is why there's an F-12 Jul Alternative this saturday. are you free by any chance?

I think I could be. I'd meet you at the clock tower, but I don't know if I want to buy into the summer Saturday LFT congestion. I might just join you at Promontory Point. What time do you usually hit Hyde Park?


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