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18.3 after the Weather Be Damned Ride. 26F + 17 mph = 13 windchill, brr!

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With the end of summer, September and 1,315 miles on the month, I stand at 8,696 miles year-to-date. With 12 Perimeter Rides (plus the Apple Cider Century) in the ninth month, I have completed 49 circuits of the City of Chicago in 2016. Barring injury, I should hit my yearly goals of 10,000 miles and 55 Perimeters by the end of October.

With 13 Perimeters in October, I smashed my goal for the year (now 62 and counting.) I will accomplish my target mileage with tomorrow's ride, currently standing at 9,955. The forecast is a lovely 61 degrees in the morning, warming up to around 71 by the afternoon with partly sunny skies.  

As the skies of November turned gloomy, I finished my 10th Perimeter of the month today (72 Y-T-D) and hit 11,001 miles on the year. I rewarded myself on the year's accomplishments by picking up a Colnago Dream off of Craigslist a few weeks ago.

You're not going to let that stand there like that are you?  There's another month left--must round up to the next 1000 miles! ;-).

Been having the best ever year myself.  Just finished my 326th day of riding--might make it to 355 by year's end.  It's been kind of nuts. 

this year as to date 4,678 accumulated miles CA weather is pretty soft 

plus i built a new fire bike this season



Dare I say it's HOT.


not as hot as you guys, but still riding. probably not going to get to 3547.5, but then again i didn't trust my computer last year.

I expect to hit 4400 miles tomorrow. I crossed 56,000 miles a few weeks ago since I started keeping track back in 2005 (I think).

3200 as of last week.

  • 9 metric centuries
  • 2 almost centuries
  • 3 centuries
  • 1 double metric century

I look at this issue from a different perspective.  I have stopped using my car for local transportation, consequently I ride about 15-25 miles a day year 'round.  I stopped keeping track of bike mileage as a result but I'm guessing about 10-12K.  I have driven 1323 miles in my car this year.


3830 mi., up ~10% from last year's 3507  :)

good work, all you guys over 3000. and even 10,000!

2775.1 after making it through the winter storm on sun. i miss my old snow tires. 28c knobbies!


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