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zero so far, but hoping to get out tomorrow before the ice pellets and single-digit temperatures hit

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Hit 2745 after Ninth Step.  Hope to get to 3K by the end of the year.  Guess I need to do Eleventh and Twelfth?

definitely!  :-)

Passed the 3000 mile mark with a 55 miler today. 3017.1

3147.7 (according to my computer*) after going down to (and coming back from) fff for lunch since i won't be able to make the Tenth Step Ride.

* i don't know about your computer, but mine acts weird sometimes. i have it here so i can type in my mileage, and if i hold it close to my laptop (or my phone), the ((•)) indicator blinks like it does when i'm riding and it registers speeds ranging from 0.0 to 9.3 to 65.9 mph.

3501 miles as of 10/25/15

More than I have ridden in prior years.

After missing  a MONTH of saddle time due to injury, I'm back on the saddle, hoping to hit 200 miles for this week and currently sitting at 6553.

Sitting at 8,170 and it looks like I'll need to avg 33+ miles a day to hit 10K for the year. Seems possible.

3239.8 after (returning from) lunch @ 3f. lots of changes since the last time i went down: the fullerton reconfiguration is finished (rideable, anyway), the navy pier flyover isn't just pillars, and terrace dr in munster is nicely repaved. and it was surprisingly easy coming back. maybe the tailwind, maybe spending 2 weeks > 7000 ft.

Bob, were you out in Colorado?

With the 11th month ending, 7,302 miles -- put it in the book.

good guess, but no, nepal and bhutan. did you know there's a ONE DAY 268km Mountain Bike Race in bhutan? (that's not why i was there)



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