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zero so far, but hoping to get out tomorrow before the ice pellets and single-digit temperatures hit

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I can only guesstimate this, but 4 days per week of 12-mile commutes, 15 miles each on Saturdays and Sundays and add in errands and trips for meetings and I figure I am at a little over 2,700 miles which puts me on pace for my typical 5,000-mile year. I am still surprised by this figure, because it adds up so sowly over time, and it it is accomplished by a crusty, baby-booming curmudgeon.

Okay thanks to map my ride I'm at 1422 Miles!
It's a mix of fat bike and road miles so I'm having a decent year ;) 

Closed August with 5,673.8 miles (surpassing my yearly goal of 5,200.) I could have nailed 6,000 if I hadn't gone to SF sans bike for a week.  I gotta get a bike lined up for my next trip at the end of the year.  New adjusted goal for the year is 9,000.

it's fun to hear about best-ever years and people surpassing their yearly goals in 8 months. for me, 2609.2 after the nth ep ost-ury pre-ride. which surpasses my 2254.1 last year.  :-)

Great day started riding 2 years ago 5-7 miles now 20 miles easy. Did 25 today lakefront then to 606 trail and back to Halsted found a great coffee shop on Belmont that is bike friendly. Dark Matter they will let you bring your bike around back so you can go inside and chill out without worries about your bike getting ripped off. Coffee is great also. Close to 400 miles so far!

Hit 3100 miles yesterday.

3024.6 after the Ninth Step Almost Century (100.72 for me!)

6275.2 -- hit on 9/21 by an elderly motorist who turned left into my path without signaling.  I am excellent at finding the out usually, but the alternative paths were even more perilous (in FRONT of his path with the distinct possibility of getting run over or coming to a sudden splat stop while colliding into the passenger side doors.)  I flew/slid over the front hood Starsky & Hutch-style, clearing the towncar.  My left hip is bruised with a sizeable hematoma and lower back aches and muscle spasms.  I am chomping at the bit to get riding again, but I am trying to allow myself to heal enough so that I don't set myself even further back.  Major disappointment as the weather was PERFECT last week, and I had nailed 4 perimeter century rides in the last 8 days of riding.

yowza! you must be brave.  :-)  do allow yourself to heal. oh, and what about your bike?

The front wheel took the brunt of the impact.  The front chain-ring is bent.  The forks "look" OK but since they are carbon-fiber I will want to replace them probably (just to play it safe.)  The frame is a titanium Litespeed, and I think it took it like a Timex -- "it takes a licking but keeps on ticking."

3,002 after tonight's commute.

5102.5 miles as of yesterday.  My goal is to top 6K before November.


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