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37.4, does that put me in the lead? :-)

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as of today I am at 2260miles

Michael A said:

I am at 1385 as of today, still coming back from the pair of knee surgeries last season. two years ago (2012) at this time I was at 4000 :(

2885 as of today. I suspect August is going to see a bit of drop-off compared to June and July. No big rides planned, and the showers at work are closed for a couple weeks, so I might not ride to work as much.

4450 as of today need to pick it up this month.

So far I've ridden 2,600 miles. My goal for the year is 4,000 so I should probably pick it up!

Hmm... 559 miles this year, according to my Endomondo logs. 393 are tagged as "Cycling, Transport" vs 166 "Cycling, Sport".

The primary difference from 2013 was an increase in riding for transportation. Basically, if it's within 10 miles, under 30 miles and not frozen, biking is my first option.

Not enough mileage to feel smug over, but I'm quite pleased with the change.

Commuting miles = ~3,424

Non-commuting miles = \infty

1394.8 after the Eighth Step Ride. looks like peter's still in the lead.

1512.5, approximately. my computer flaked during the Ninth Step Almost-Century and i lost all my miles. set it to my last total + 100. then it remembered my miles, but didn't show my speed. finally after a hard reset it's working again. i was afraid i was going to have to buy a new one.

1731.9 after riding on a beautiful fall day to 3f. rode part of the way with a guy who just moved here from boulder. and who'd already ridden 8000 miles and climbed 8000 meters this year!

6220, hoping to get to 7k by the end of the year.

Conservatively, I would have to put myself at about 3000 Miles. I'm going by my daily commutes and as much as I can remember for leisure...Within the next few weeks I'm going to load up the trainer in the attic and that will help gain a few extra miles while watching movies.

7,519 miles YTD. On pace for something short of 10k. We'll see how the weather treats us.


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