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37.4, does that put me in the lead? :-)

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in this weather? That's impressive. Or are you on vacation in some sunny spot?

With the snow and the total lack of plows on the side streets, you might be in the lead for a while! :-)

Put me down for 5.5 so far.

yes bob; I am sure you are in the lead ;-)


no miles for me yet : but yesterday I cross-country skiied for 90 minutes (through Rosehill cemetary to a friends house). I was passing cars on Bryn Mawr and Western, does that count for something ???



yes, in this weather. low 20s, tailwind, light snow, it wasn't bad. certainly nothing like thundersnow. and i avoided side streets. i wanted to feel ready for 3F &/| FS.

not expecting to stay in the lead for long, but enjoying it while it lasts.  :-)

oh, and 1 xc ski mile counts for 2 bike miles.

I'm going to rack up some XC miles this weekend!

bob hsiung said:

oh, and 1 xc ski mile counts for 2 bike miles.

39.5 after riding to the verizon store to try to upgrade my phone. when i called earlier, they told me i had to go in to place an order. so i go in, and they say there aren't any in the warehouse. at least i was able to get a consolation prize across the street, at binny's.

9 miles so far for the year after riding to get homebrew supplies yesterday. Probably ill-advised, but I wasn't the only one who got there via bike. My YTD total 1 fewer than my normal round-trip commute. 

41.6 after my little Windchill Ride

2 miles, unless I'm forgetting something.

52.9 after going to the dentist, buying coffee, finally upgrading my phone, getting lunch, and having a beer

54. I ride to and from work so that's 13 miles each work day. And then there's errands and stuff...



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