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Just curious, how did you first hear (or read) about the chainlink? I met Leah at a bike film festival scavenger hunt and although I forgot the name of the website saw her again at the perimeter ride (biking around the borders of the city led by John Greenfield).

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I led rides for the Wednesday night Chicago Cycling Club and she would email me that our ride was listed on chainlink. The rest is history.
i saw an item about it in Gapers Block - the mentioned item.
I found about it the old fashioned which is weird because the site had only been around for about a week at that point and it still came up in google. Must have been fate <3 <3 <3
My co-worker, EvanK, insisted I check it out. We bike for work so it seemed like the right thing to do. :)
i think i searched 'bike' in the chicago craigslist activities section and found what i was looking for - information on bike-related events in chicago!
I moved to Chicago and knew no one. So I went to Craigs List. I searched the missed connections, the matches, the "OTHER" matches, the bikes for sale, the job posting, the artist community thing, the volunteer thing (I keep hoping for a steroid clinical study...anything to morph my Wu--Tang calves into Butt Calves) and then I looked at activities. I thought to myself, "Tommie, maybe some really cute girl will be posting about needing a riding partner. You'll email her. You'll ride. She'll fall in love with your smooth legs and butter-knife sharp wit. You'll kiss. You'll make babies. You'll spawn riding babies, teach them to love Jawbreaker and 2nd wave Emo, teach them to build wheels and braze frames. Your children will ride 24-hour races at 6 and turn pro at 14. They'll meet Lance's kids during a Jr. Level crit. and proceed to stick a frame pump in their spokes around turn 3. You will be proud! Your wife will cheer louder than you and then depant Lance. You will sit back and bask in UNHOLY GLORY (a glory that tastes too similar to Chimay Blue). It will be because of Craigs List. . . . Screw online dating, Craigs List is the shit."

That day no cute girl posted about riding BUT Leah did post about Chain Link. Now I have a crush on her.
picked up the flyer in rapid transit one day. joined about a month later
and I got jealous of root joining, so I followed.


root said:
picked up the flyer in rapid transit one day. joined about a month later
I dunno even know how I found out about it. Maybe while promoting the Pierogi Fest ride or something?
well h3, we are happy you have joined us!

h3 said:
Jessica, one of the folks working on redesigning the site, came across it in the course of researching what's out there-- first I heard of it. Then a few weeks later Evan looked me deep in the eye and told me I should check it out.
I had no choice.
I was looking for bikes on Craigslist.
One of the guys at On the Route told me about it and gave me a flyer.


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