How Chicagoans Use Divvy: See Where the Bikes From Your Station Went (MAP)

CHICAGO — Ever wonder where the bikes docked at your local Divvy bike-sharing station go?

We crunched and mapped all 2.5 million rides taken in the last year on the sky blue cycles.

Find your station, click on the dot and see all the bike trips that started there — and where they ended.

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The map is fun to play with and see that I'm an odd ball! I can see that I'm the only one making some of my trips. I Divvy during the winter to save my bike from salt, and I occasionally push up against the 30 minute barrier going from north of Addison to the river in River North with no intermediate stop to "reset the clock." The map shoes 14 rides from station to station, which are most definitely all me!

I would think they would give you longer time for a longer trip to save the wear and tear from intermediate docking stations.


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