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Holy Fracking Cow-- Chicago's top bike thieves arrested


Actually not so exciting that they were arrested again, but that there's solid detective work, evidence, and publicity this time.

I can't say too much about these guys publicly, but this is significant. Too bad it took suburban police to reign them in, however temporarily.


Julie, I think it somewhat likely your coworker's bike is among those seized.  I know Chicago and UIC police are in the habit of checking CSBR as a matter of routine, but I don't know about the suburban police.

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Police are looking for owners!


Link here.

wow - i agree. finally some good news.

NO...not good news, but GREAT news.


It's a slightly dated article (6/29). We provided them with a link to the Chicago Stolen Bike Registry and they were able to identify two bikes from there. 


But it should serve as a reminder to everyone to write down their serial number and register their bike. 

Julie Hochstadter said:

Police are looking for owners!


Link here.


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