Hey you.... out there in the cold.... are you on Chainlink?

Kind of missing a "who did you see on your commute" today but for people you are not able to identify.  So here goes. I know you nord' sidersss are swimming in random strangers on bikes, but where I live it's not quite a daily occurrence to see another cyclist on my way to/from work.

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I'm here.  I'm out there, too.  Though not so much lately.  :\

Guess which one is me

Saw quite a few bicyclist on Halsted tonight.

Some had lights (going north bound) some did not (both ways)

LOVED seeing the all silver "Cruiser" with what looked like a gas tank on the top tube. (North Bound), near Rapid Transit South.

Hated seeing some guy's butt-crack while he kept blocking me on the bike lane (even after I yelled out "Passing on your left !" and finally "Can I pass you on your left?") from just over the expressway overpass (sounth bound) to just after Roosevelt (where I finally had enough room to safely pass him on the left). I scared the living be-jesus out of him as I passed him because he was totally surprised by me coming up beside him (he must have had earphones in and cranked...still doesn't explain how he didn't see 3 blinking lights and 2 steadies flashing off of all of the reflective surfaces - lic. plates, street signs, cars, etc....oh well.)


Have a Great Day !






I see the same older lady on a pink cruiser riding over the freeway bridge on chicago between noble and milwaukee whenever i'm late.  she's kind of my gauge.  if i see lady on pink bike, i need to haul ass. 

other than that, i don't really see anyone consistently if i see anyone at all.  i take augusta to milwaukee to chicago if i leave by 7:30, any later than that and i just take chicago because i pass like 4 schools.  i have to be to work by 8, so that might have something to do with it.  i see some people on chicago between milwaukee and halsted, but (sorry) i have usually dropped most of them by the time i get to the bridge.  i'm on a black 87 cannondale crit, i'm probably wearing all black but i just got this badass blue coat that's all furry inside (we will see how that goes?  it hasn't been cold enough to wear riding yet) and i have a skater style helmet.  and lights.  also i just got these blue lights that you wrap around your frame from my sister for christmas, so soon i will be a a big glowing blue flash in the night :D  say hi to me, i like camaraderie.

Let's see, not a lot of cyclists right now on the 7 am arrival time to the loop from Lincoln/Wells, but I did have a Surly big dummy sighting this week which was new and different, there's also a really tall guy that normally passes me (I'm the slowish nondescript white hybrid or even slower red dutch bike with multiple helmet and bike lights and flowered pannier)

I pass a guy with a tan helmet with reflective strips that may or may not have come with the helmet. Has a typical commuter bike, and by that I mean I never remember what his bike is until I pass it. He rides Clark south towards the loop.

You: Going north bound on Damen a few blocks north of North. Round 930am

Me: Going south bound.

Thanks for the bell ring, I would have returned the greeting but had no bell. We exchanged head nods though. Definitely a pleasant way to start the day.

I think you just said hello to almost every guy on a bike in Logan Sq/Wicker Park.
h' 1.0 said:

Hellllllooooooo skinny bearded guy on road bike.........?


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