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Heres a video on my skids. I'd like some pointers on how to improve them.

So here it is....

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How can you afford any PBR if you have to replace your tires weekly?

Show off, nice.

mp - those are pretty cool; but CMIIW : I don't believe too many folks here are really that much into





CMIIW = correct me if i'm wrong

Impressive! Was is scary the first time? I can't quite imagine doing it at all. How many teeth on your chainring and cog?

(I will drink a PBR if anyone gives me one, or if I'm somewhere without any better alternatives or if I'm running low on cash and my tastebuds are already killed by several IPAs.)

I ride a single-speed so maybe I'm wrong, but most people I see skid usually aren't that far forward?

Either way, pretty impressive for two days in!

I'm not a skidder, but I think Blair has as point.  If you lean forward, you are throwing less weight to your rear wheel.  I suppose if you want to stop faster or more dramatically you'd shift weight back.  A longer skid.... would you want your weight forward?

Want to whip skid?  Watch this video

Years ago I had a Giant Bowery FG/SS. It was incredibly easy to skid with 48x18 gearing. 

Sounds like you're geared pretty high. I wouldn't be that comfortable cruising on that gearing. I ran 48x15 for a little while and hated it.

Sheldon Brown had a tip for choosing gear ratio, so you won`t rub the same few parts of the tire over and over. Came to my mind while watching the vimeo clip.  You don`t want to blow a tire while skidding down those mountain roads.

Save the tires, skid on bare rims.

You leaning into your stem like that is a no no. Try to build your legs to the point that you just barely elevate above your seat to initiate a skid. Otherwise you can try hopping if you have a retention system going.

My daily is a 48x17 and usually get about a year on the rear tire with a mild amount of skidding. if your going distance stay leaned forward but keep the rear straight.  for quick stops just lift your but a few inches off of the seat and lock up the wheel. you can stop pretty quick. If your going to be skidding a lot clipless is the way to go.



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