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I need to remove my cranks so that
I can measure the length of my bottom bracket
spindle. The inside splines of the crank have been
strip so the nut will not stay on all the way,which means
the crank is no good.

To make matters worse, I have to get a whole new crankset,
because the person that owned the bike before me used
the smallest chainring from a geared bike to attach to the
spider on the crank,which means the BCD is not a standard one
and would be hard to find....impossible to I'm going
to correct the matter and put a standard crankset on it.

However, I can't get the non-drive side crank of ....I'm thinking
it was seized on....

I really don't want to have to take it in to the shop...are there some tricks I can use to
get it off?

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Correction ....I went to Byron's Schwinn Cycling,same street
oh. great. Make sure it's the tool first before posting...
Shit happens.

I didn't think it was the tool since I was able to get the drive side off....


Matt M. said:
oh. great. Make sure it's the tool first before posting...
In case you don't care about your crank arm:

1. Use a propane torch to heat the crank, this will make it expand, loosening its grip on the BB spindle. If this doesn't work...

2. Heat it until it turns a dull red and let it cool. It will come off easily at that point.

3. Or just cut it off with a Dremel tool using a cutting disc.

In any case, resist the urge to hammer on the BB spindle, because you could end up damaging the BB threads on the frame.

I happen to like my Kong Eagle wall hammer.
ive used a pickle fork(also known as a ball joint puller in automotive parlance) to remove a crankarm before. if you dont know what that is: look here

its basically a notched wedge and some hammer blows will pull it apart. you want to alternate the direction though so you dont jam it up worse. when i did it it took a while, but it worked. you could probably get one from autozone or murrays or whathaveyou.
Glad you got it off, another option for others is a gear puller. You can usually get a cheap one at a hardware store, in the "cheap chinese tools" bin.



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