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Help request additional bike parking on west side of Thompson Center

Friends, I am trying to get the City of Chicago to add sufficient bike parking where I lock my bike for work, and I need your help.

I work at the Thompson Center, and last year I started parking my bike on the west side of the building because my previous bike was stolen while locked at a rack in front of the building during the workday.  The new location is better monitored but has only one bike rack that is always filled.

Another cyclist has already requested additional bike racks for this spot, but the request has been pending for 7 months, whereas newer requests have already been approved. I fear this request has fallen off the City's radar. 

The City's website allows anyone to show support for an existing request for additional bike parking. All you have to do is go to this website and click the support button on the top right of the page.

Thank you!


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I clicked in support, but I suspect that since the status of that building is in flux (i.e. being offered for sale and possible demolition), no one is in a hurry to make improvements in that area. 

Update: The request has been approved by CDOT. Thank you everyone for showing support! 


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