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My friend Jodie had her bike stolen yesterday evening from outside of her other friend's apartment. It's a black Surly Troll with front and rear rack, as pictured below . She called 311 and is following up with her bike shop (Roscoe Village Bikes) to track down the serial number.

I am hoping her bike won't be too difficult to track down, because I really don't see too many Surly Trolls in this city. If you see what you think is her bike, or have any other suggestions on helping her track down her bike, please let me know.

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I'll keep my eyes open...also, here's a link that gives a list of what to do when your bicycle is stolen.

good luck, it sucks getting a bike stolen.

Man we do this - that bike def stand out.

it got racks now you say?

It does have a front and rear rack, which she added last month. Thanks to Jaik S for the helpful link, and all the chainlinkers keeping their eyes peeled!

Just saw this... May not be it, but there's a chance...and there's a rack on the floor in the picture.


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