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One night in late November my friend and co-worker, Adam Paradis, was riding his bike home, just as so many of us do everyday. This time, though, he was rear-ended by a car and left bleeding on the side of the road. His injuries were horrific, but I'm not here to talk about the damage done to him. When I visited Adam in the hospital I was struck by how normal he was, by how determined he was to just go on and live his life despite what happened. Of course, it's not gonna be easy but that's where we can help. Read what his sisters wrote and please donate to our brother, our fellow rider, and our friend.

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I saw this on Roscoe Village Bike's Twitter feed as well. I donated.  Here's hoping he's able to recover quickly.

Thanks for your generosity, Julie! Looks like
Adam's campaign is already halfway to its goal thanks to good people like you! See you when you come into the shop!
It's fantastic to hear that Adam is improving. Recovery is a long road, even if it proceeds at a pace that seems like - one inch at a time.


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