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Hey everyone;

If you've got a free minute, go to and vote for the "I thought this was supposed to be a buyers market" in their First-time Buyers Horror Stories contest.  I can't promise you riches and rewards if you do, but I certainly would be grateful. 

Thanks gang!

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I couldn't get past the first sentence of the opposing piece, so you won.

Would like to ask though-- what was it about the rent-back agreement that was so unacceptable to you?
When I bought my home I had such an agreement with the sellers and it worked fine for both of us.


It is not really anyone's market now. You'd think it would be a buyer's market, but the banks have made it very difficult for anyone who needs financing to get it.

Hey, thanks guys. Honestly I didn't think our story was anything terrible enough to enter, but it was fun to write it all out. And you can't win if you don't enter.

I agree with you Tony, in that things are awful enough in the market that no one ends up winning. Even a normal process of buying a home seems stressful enough. And h', the sellers didn't want to rent back, they just wanted to stay past closing. They didn't really say why, just because. Oh well.

Not to get ahead of myself, but hopefully we'll get some more chain link support when the poll goes national. Thanks again guys!

I gave ya a vote and it looks like your doing pretty good...according to the graph I saw.

Thanks again guys!  The national round is open over the weekend--some of these stories are actually pretty bad, but it never hurts to vote Chicago.

Why is it when I hear the phrase "vote Chicago" I see dead people?

Jeremy said:

 ...but it never hurts to vote Chicago.



+1 million.  You win one internet.

Thunder Snow said:


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