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Have you reserved a "Share the Road" license plate yet?

Last summer, Gov. Quinn signed a law for permanent "Share the Road" specialty license plates. The state will begin producing them when there are 1,500 reservations. We are currently more than 3/4 of the way there with 1,156 reservations!


If you own a car, this is the perfect way to show your bicycling pride as well as promote the "Share the Road" message! As a bonus, most of the additional fee for the plates will go to LIB for education of motorists and bicyclists.


Learn more about the plates and get the reservation form at


As a part-time employee at LIB, I've been at many events such as Bike the Drive (where Julie was wonderfully kind to lend me her umbrella!). Those who have already signed up for the plates keep asking me when are they going to get their snazzy new plates. We just need 344 more! Please help us spread the word and consider signing up for a plate, if you have not already done so.

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My dad reserved one.

I'll make sure to make my sister reserve one when she moves back Io Illinois next week.

Great plates! I'm trying to persuade my wife to get them.....


Every state should have a version of these.

Just make her a nice dinner and buy her roses.  And maybe wash her car.
I don't get the yellow hazard sign image with the car passing the person on the pogo stick.
Rob & I are in on this- our draggin' wagon needs something snazzy to spice it up as it sits on the street all the time.
I reserved one as soon as the form was available :)
We finally signed up for the plate since I kept misplacing the form :) I think they only need 247 more reservations before they go into production.

I don't own a car to put plates on.  :-(

Oh, wait!  :-)

Reserved mine.  If you have a car, just get one.

Great way to show support for bicycling, even when you're driving your Maserati!


I'm sending my reservation today and will pass this along to others.

Thanks to Michelle, Brendan, Melanie and everyone else who have reserved plates! We are currently at 1,253 and have just 247 more plates to be reserved until the state begins production of the "Share the Road" plates. If you have already reserved your plate, please consider passing on the info. to others, like Michelle.


Gina Kenny
LCI# 2446
Program Manager
League of Illinois Bicyclists
(708) 334-2244
Making Illinois a land of safe and enjoyable bicycling for all; promoting bicycle access, education and safety.

Form printed; will drop it in the mail with my check tomorrow.  :)


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