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I am working with the Chicago Moving Design Intervention on Bicycle Safety (click here).  I am looking to find a biker hit by a car, and car who has hit a biker recount their experience.  Maybe in a list manor, or a short video clip.  I would greatly appreciate it, or any direction to another resource!  Pleasew feel free to email me at


Thanks Guys!



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I've been hit by a truck - the kind with the double set of tires on the rear axle - in the bike lane on Roosevelt.  Or is that too big a vehicle?  My brain didn't work for several days afterwords - similiar to boxer's brain damage.


Nearly callobered a bicyclist a few days ago while riding and pulling a loaded bike trailer.  She first passed me on the right hand side, leaving no room if someone did open their door (Ashland, south of Division), then at Milwaukee onto Paulina she stopped dead in the street and THOUGHT about doing a u-turn.  No helmet, in flip-flops. If I had been a car, it would have been a deadly decision.






Thank you so much for your post!  Can you give me a bit of an idea of what was going through your mind during the accident if you feel comfortable.  A list of emotions and or feelings that you have and have had are welcomed!  I am working to make a design piece on the topic. I am also working with a group to make biking safer in Logan Square.  Check out more here, tell your friends too!


Thank you agian so much, Nancy! I am very grateful for your reply.



I've been hit by a biker while driving my car...    

I've hit a car while riding my bike...



I sometimes just slap them as I ride by them if they are standing in the bike lane -I don't hit them very hard.
In the seventies, I was making a left turn with my 67 impala, from marquuete rd. to Artesion st. watching for the space in traffic to make the turn, as this happened, this buxom blond girl "hot lips" was right there. Whether I, or her stopped first, will always be a mystery. My girlfriend at the time worked for a nursery school, which happened to be the same place hotlipps worked for. she was ok, and decided that I could bring her back to where she lived. and her boyfriend would deal with the bike. At dinner that night with my girlfriend Sue, the stories were astonishingly connected. In about 2006,(I didn't record the time) I was riding my mongoose on 97th st. at cicero ave. A lady in a ford focus was making a left turn from cicero northbound to west 97th st. My lights were not on. we had a head on collision. No harm was intended. my wheel and fork were dammaged. Human error is forgivable. I said to her, this is lifes payback.  I forgive your mistake, because I have made the same mistake. I beleive that no one means to hurt anyone. We are all just a product of our environment. I know that there are exceptions, but forgiveness should rule.         Yes I have been drinking.                                                                                      Alan
I have been in both positions.
WOW! The response to this has been AMAZING! Thank you all so much! I am working on identifying each piece of this, and will be reaching out to some of you individually!  Also, as a part of this group, I have a few things to leave with you.  Another group member of moving design (click here) is working on a lighter note.  A sort of fun Tumblr where users can upload their images of oddments that they have seen on their bike ride.  It is going to be functioning as a visual database of sorts for others.  SPREAD THE WORD! How I Died Today Tumblr.
I have been hit by two cars, one city bus (in NYC) and many more pedestrians . . .



I commute 9 miles each way every day. On a regular day I take Addison from Broadway straight to Harlem. I find this route to be somewhat safe, at least after I pass the expressway. I work at Irving Park and Harlem and it is definitely much safer than taking Irving. 


I was on my way to work on a drab morning July 28th. I met a friend for coffee in the morning on Montrose so I decided to take that route the entire way. I was about all the way to Narragansett when it happened. I was traveling West at a decent pace about 50-60 feet behind the closest car traveling in my direction. At the next intersection a conversion van heading the opposite direction was stopped waiting to turn left across my lane. I'm usually pretty good at recognizing who sees me and who doesn't, but in this situation that was not the case. As I approached he started to turn; I was about 5 feet from the intersection and at this point I couldn't break or turn. I started screaming "HEY HEY HEY." He must of heard me or seen me, but with panic he slammed on the gas and then the breaks. It was wet. I couldn't stop and we slide right into each other. He hit me square on my left side. I went down. 


I've had close calls before, but never been knocked off my bike. I was dazed. I couldn't tell if I was hurt. All I saw was blood dripping down my leg and all I could hear was a load cell phone. People stopped and crowded around me; I just sat there. The guy in the van got out and approached me. I couldn't even look up. After what felt about a minute he crouched down and asked if I was alright. There was fear in this guys face and I didn't know what to say. I did full body scan and realized I was alright. I got up and checked over my bike. My back wheel was banged up, but the rest was okay. 


I took the guys information, but I didn't even know what to ask or say. I didn't even think to get his insurance, etc. He could have gave me any number, name, address, but he was honest. I got home that evening and he gave me a call. He said he threw up when he got to work. He was happy that I was okay, but still shaken up. The next day he stopped by my work and paid for my back wheel. 


The rest of the day when I got his was just strange and I felt quite Euphoric. I had never had more clarity or sense of vulnerability ever.


I took away a lot from the experience. 1. getting hit is awkward. 2. motorist don't see you. 3. I could die real easy. 4. I need to be more careful


Good luck with your project.



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