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Harold Kelly mechanic at Cycle Smithy died this morning.

Harold Kelly known simply as "Kelly" died this morning of lung disease at 63. The white bearded Kelly was a bike mechanic at Cycle Smithy on Clark Street for 30 years. He helped me with my bikes & I'm sure he helped many of you. May he rest in peace.

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I was in there about two weeks ago and talked to him shortly. The few times I was in that shop he was always really nice. My condolences may he rest in peace.
I bought my Trek 790 there in '93. It had stock generator lights with the cable for the rear light built in to the fender. I played around with it forever when the rear light stopped working . . . no joy. He fixed it quickly somehow-- wouldn't say what he did . . . interested to see he was still there (I haven't been in there in years).
Thanks for the post.
He converted my 72 Schwinn Continental to SS. I'll value that a little more now. Very sad.
heartfelt condolences to a guy to quiet and gentle, always so kind to me!
My favorite old mechanic. Sad.
Good thoughts to Kelly's family and everyone at Cycle Smithy.

Years ago, when I spent time as a bike messenger, Kelly worked on my bike after crashes and issues that were new to me ("your headset is shot"). He was an excellent mechanic and a fixture at the shop.

Ethan, with Active Trans
Heartfelt condolences to Kelly's family and to the crew at Cycle Smithy
All my best to his friends and family, a truly nice man. Worked on my bike not more than 2 weeks ago.
I think I'm going to peel my green Vittoria off now and hang it on my wall, as that is the last thing I bought from him. This will probably sound kinda dumb, but asking an old timer like him for sew-ups felt like knowing a secret handshake or something. He will be sorely missed.
he was a great man and this is a wonderful tribute. I loved going into that shop mostly because of him.

R.I.P. Kelly; the cycling world lost a true hero today ... but we can be certain he has inspired
countless more to become heroes as well.

Michael - could you post visitation and funeral details here when they become available ?


Oh my! This gentleman was by far my favorite mechanic in the entire universe. He would never steer me wrong and gave the most helpful, straight up advise. This was an extreme amount of bicycle information departing our planet. I could go in with the most ridiculous part request and he would know exactly what I needed and pull out of some magical drawer in the shop. We will miss you dearly Kelly!!!


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