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Describe the part in your commute that gives you white knuckles, whether its a street or bridge you cross, or a section that alway has you crossing your fingers. For me , its when i turn onto Higgins and i make the sprint to Bessie Coleman Dr . Lots of traffic, trucks ,cabs and passenger vehicles, and seemingly not many people paying attention

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The inexcapable conclusion is that the parked cars don't protect anything.  On the contrary, most of these issues did not occur before the protected lane was installed, when the cars were parked on the right.


i've taken canal a few times to avoid construction on loomis - and - wow - i feel you. a really stressful stretch that ends with getting dumped unceremoniously into a writhing pit of traffic trying to get west into the loop. i've contemplated the harrison bike lanes to get east but never want to navigate that long line of traffic waiting to turn right - and - have found that theres no great way to get north off of harrison...

The worst part of my commute is on Michigan Avenue from Balbo to Randolph. I always dread that section. Cab drivers could care less about cyclists.

Elston at Ashland: Most dangerous clusterf*ck on N side, in either direction.


Excellent question! I would say the stretch on Elston between Forest Glen and Lynch Ave (near the Mariano's and DMV). This is dangerous for several reasons. One, drivers may aggressively pass left turners and spill into the bike lane at the Forest Glen light. And for whatever reason, people tend to use the bike lane to jump traffic, more so on this stretch than another portion of my commute. I am also terrified of people pulling out of the Mariano's, whom I have had several close calls with. This is the one stretch where I just need to take it slow for safety. Once I pass the CTA bus depot on the North end of this stretch, I am free to kick up the speed again.

Seemingly anyplace involving either xpway access or fast food parking.

Does anyone else ride Milwaukee Ave as far as Portage Park and points north? Between Belmont and Addison the northbound side has been terrible for over a year. It was torn up for utility work and has been a patchwork of rough concrete and asphalt patches ever since.

Absolutely agree - when I have to go north of Addison, I tend to take Elston north and cut over in order to avoid that awful pavement.

Worst part of my commute is Washington into the Loop, riding west from Halsted to LaSalle.

happily, they are in the process of constructing the Loop BRT and, i can't wait, bikes will get a whole lane. or at least i think that's what's going to happen...

Grand avenue East bound from Hamlin to Homan. Potholes galore, some mad car driving people. The other day I bent my rear rim bad in a pothole there. Yes, I could move over to Augusta, but Grand is a straight line to the destination, and I love a straight line.

Dearborn seperated cycle path - random people stepping out, random cars parked, random cars turning into alleys and driveways without blinkers or slowing down much. Sometimes people fail to obey their left turn signals and just blow right through it. Being passed by divvy bikers with headphones blowing through the light and weaving between pedestrians and cars. They pass me up as I stop for the signal and narrowly miss me, only to almost nail someone walking across or get hit by a left turning car.

Elston and Ashland - As others have said, cars just love to try and squeeze every inch of that pool of pavement. Its not just a matter of taking up a lane, because morons in the far left lane swerve across the 4-lane widths of pavement to blow past people in line taking the correct right turn onto ashland. The best signal you get is a revving engine and some smoke in your face.


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