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I first saw this come across the CCM list and thought it was awful that someone was threatened with a gun. But then I read that cyclists made racist remarks? That's appalling. What's the real story here?
Yeah I saw this on the CCM listserv too.

On a different (maybe related?) note, did anyone else see a police officer fire up the roof only to turn into a gas station across the street and draw his gun at some dude in a car? I think this was while the mass was on Wells. I rode as far away as possible because guns and gas stations don't mix well.
saw the cop at the gas station, but didnt know about the gun til my friend mentioned it. i also just checked the craigs link above. i stopped goin to cmass in nice weather to avoid this crap, it has turned into battles with cars instead of spreading the knowledge of cycling. its about showing that bikes are superior, and that we have fun doing what we do. i always see people getting confrontational with drivers, usually the young newer riders on the scene. we all know the drivers get mad....many of us have been in their shoes, some people only ride a bike at cmass. drivers just havent seen the light yet, and the point is to show them. i dont want some jerk who got insulted at cmass to hit me in the AM when im on the way to work.

whatever, im hoping next month it is below zero so cyclejerks stay home and we can just have fun. sorry about the essay............................
h3 said:
As to racist remarks, the drunks and losers tend to fall to the back of the ride-- if you're unwise enough to let yourself end up back there you might hear some unfortunate crap come out of people's mouths.

Actually that is all the more reason to be in the back of the pack; people who can not behave in a proper manner need to be regulated by their peers.
ah, good call. i used to read RnR a lot but then got annoyed by the overwhelming crap that was on there. it's been a while... guess i forgot :)

h3 said:
Wnat percentage of those ranst and raves do you think are posted by distinct individuals?


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