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On Friday night I'm taking a late night megabus to St Louis with my bike in a bike bag and then planning on leaving Monday morning to bike part of the Route66 trail. I figure that when I get tired I'll just hop on the Amtrak. I'm open to travel partners and I'm looking to borrow a larger backpack to take if anyone has one they wouldn't mind lending.

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I have only a little experience in multi-day tours, but I would advise against carrying a backpack while on bike tour. Look for some panniers. Even grocery panniers with your stuff in a plastic garbage bag (to keep it dry) would be preferable.

Are you camping or staying in motels? I would think that a number of campgrounds have closed for the seasons, so you may want to plan ahead.

Route 66 is a great route, although it can get a little monotonous at time. The cue sheets are free and work well.

Sounds like a fun ride; hope the weather is pleasant for you.

My concern is Megabus and their NO BIKES ALLOWED policy.

Here is link to a thread about Megabus and taking along your bike:

If that link does not work, try searching: taking bike on megabus.

Good luck! and ride safe.



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