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While listening to to the Waddle and Silvy Show from 9 to 1 pm on 06/07/11 on ESPN radio I got to hear how fun it would be if they intentionally doored cyclists and how sometimes that would just feel great. This went on for about 20 minutes.


Well I didn't think that would be great. And as some may know I'm vocal. ;-) So I tried  tweeting with Silvy @WaddleandSilvy for those that tweet and he said that the best course of action would be to send an e-mail to:


The Apology we got on 06/08/11 was a joke. Happened 45 minutes into the show and was terrible.


At the bottom of there is also a Contact Us that goes to corporate vs the address above that is only read by the show hosts. We need to get on this!


If you wanna hear the comments they have a podcast . and it happens about 2 hours 14 minutes into the show if memory serves. Started out with making fun of spandex shorts and then went on to murder.


In light of the fact that ESPN already had Tony Kornheiser voice his opinions on cyclists I doubt they are looking for more trouble so it would be a good time to get the message out. Watch out for us! Dooring Can KILL us! etc...


And Here is a list of sponsors of Waddle and Silvy: They should hear about our  displeasure as well!


Performance Bikes!!! Harris Bank, Golfsmith, Jimmy Johns (they do bike deliveries, hello!), John Chico's Men's Wear, Triton College, Wells Fargo, PNC Bank, Ameristar, Home Depot, Johnsonville, Gerber Collision & Glass, Studio 41 Remodelling, 

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I'd love to tweet (and get blocked eventually, I'm sure). I'm @kairex. Let me know who you were messaging and we can see how quickly I get blocked too, haha.

i'm @snowgoggles i'll add ya when i get to a regular computer. i've been tweeting @waddleandsilvy (blocked-show specific) and @espn (based in connecticut- i don't think they've blocked me yet) and i've been tweeting things like "hey @wbez. @waddleandsilvy think it's funny to door bikers. read more @thechainlinkorg" or you could do a tweet link direct to the forum post. also @npr or @chicago_reader etc... whomever u think would pay attention :-)
And I've already been blocked. Doesn't stop me from telling others, though.
Ok, who's next to tweet @waddleandsilvy and we need to write letters to Performance Bikes as they are a verified ESPN sponor.



I had to watch that 4-5 times before I could figure out what exactly happened.  I thought at first the car that hit the kid who fell out the door was oncoming.  This totally didn't make any sense to me because it would have been coming right at the bike the douche who fell out of the car was trying to "door-check."


No, the kid on the bike was just riding in the parking lane behind a parked car.  The driver of the car and the kid in the back seat were messing with the kids on the bikes and was trying to "door-check"one of them into the parked car.  Instant karma indeed, as the door-checking somehow caused the the kid to fall out of the open door.  Perhaps the kid put his weight behind the door in anticipation of the check and somehow over-shot enough to fall out the open doorway and then into the parked car as his vehicle drove past it.


It looked pretty gnarly.   Face-first into a car bumper is very serious.  I know a kid who did that when someone tried to "Fake out" a so-called friend on a motorcycle by pretending to door him as he drove by at 4MPH.  The motorcyclist freaked and locked up the front wheel and ended up falling head-first into the car door anyhow even though it was only open a couple of inches as he pulled it shut at the lat minute.  Guy was in a coma for months and although he survived was never the same "in the head" again after that.  The brain damage from the impact and swelling totally changed his personality and temperament as well as shaved off about 30 IQ points.   


Perhaps the kids on the bikes were not unknowing victims but were playing along and everyone was being stupidly "rough" (some kids do this -we used to play kamakaze demo-derby on bikes and would joust and try to bash each other off of our bikes but never were we stupid enough to try this by throwing cars into the mix.  


This kid got what he deserved.  Instant karma/Darwin -whatever.  Stupid hurts.  If they were messing with innocent kids on their bikes than it goes beyond stupid to plain old evil.  I don't see how anyone with 3 functioning brain cells couldn't see such actions as homicidal and criminal assault. 



Andrew Bedno said:


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