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Get VIP tickets to Tour de Fat on July 12 by telling your enlightened commute story

New Belgium Brewing is sponsoring Streetsblog Chicago this month as well as the Commuter Idyll contest. We ran this nationally across all of our blogs, but now we have a Chicago-specific version with one grand prize and three runners up.

The grand prize winner will receive:

  • two complimentary beer tokens
  • free food and access to the VIP area
  • goodie bag with a t-shirt, bottle opener and pants strap for cycling.

Three runners-up will get VIP passes.

Last year, engineer Jake Williams told the inspiring tale of how he ditched his nightmarish 26-mile drive to a job in Lincolnshire and started a new gig in the city, which he could walk to in 12 minutes, greatly improving his health and happiness.

Share your story in the Streetsblog Chicago comments* and we'll pick winners next week!

* If you don't want to share your story in the comments, email 

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It was in Lincolnshire not Lincolnwood.

It's 26 miles from Lincolnwood if you work in the Roseland neighborhood.

Thanks, fixed. 

Jared said:

It was in Lincolnshire not Lincolnwood.


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