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thought about creating a bike ride maybe end of the month thing for gays and lesbians. would anyone be interested in something like this. maybe meet at a bar get drunk than go ride. something like the fucking bike clubs does but for gays :)

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I have a friend (not on this site-yet!) that would probably be interested - do it! Maybe drink after the ride, though?

soooo down!

Speaking of the bike clubs:

twisted shiite. rain bow ride? o just cant wait. how about a straight pride ride???

So Ryan, where are you at with this?

Straight pride ride lol. SO from a few Feed backs sounds like maybe this gets the green light. Just need to pick a meeting
Place and a route . Any ideas helps out a lot :)


I'd love to partake, help out!

You mentioned "end of the month."  So how about the night after Critical mass, starting no earlier than 10 PM? 

Place-wise-- is there anything more 'central' than boystown?

Lee, Windy City Cycling Club doesn't do pub crawl style evening bike rides!

Ryan, I'm up for the ride and can help with route planning if you are interested.

I have been involved with FBC and led several of their rides. For the record, I would like to state that FBC is gay friendly and very welcoming so please feel free to attend....the July ride ended at a gay bar (the Granville Anvil) and I'm guessing that about 15% of the riders were gay and they did not know we were going to a gay bar when they showed up for the ride as the destination is never announced in advance.

Lee Crandell said:

Speaking of the bike clubs:


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