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Fi'zik Alliante Gamma saddle in great condition.  Microtex cover.  About 3 years old and saw moderate use. 

$50 o/b/o.

Description from Fi'zik:

High performance carbon reinforced shell.Twin flex graphite shell. Lightweight and comfortable. Ergonomic dip platform. 

  • Shell: Carbon Reinforced Nylon 
  • Rail: K:ium 
  • Scuff Guards: Black 
  • Cover: Black Microtex 
  • Central Cover: Gummy Black Microtex 
  • Thigh Glides: Black Microtex 
  • Rear Cover: White Microtex 
  • Weight: 259 gr 
  • Dimensions: 265x142 mm


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Hi there, is the saddle still on the market?

10-4 sent you a friend request so I can PM you.


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