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Size Medium (Fits 5'4" to 5'7" women) - Felt ZW3 Road Bike - $1,250

This is a super nice road bike that was my wife's. Some details:

Frame: Full Felt ZW3 (endurance geometry) carbon frame and fork. Super smooth and nice ride quality.
Groupset: Shimano 11 speed Ultegra Groupset. Bike is mechanically in fantastic shape.
Wheels: Handbuilt, custom PSIMET alloy clincher wheelset. Lightweight and fast wheelset.

This is a great bike to race or just to have a blast riding. This bike weighs only 16.4lbs!! Super nice, fast, fun bike that is in perfect mechanical condition. Had been thoroughly cleaned, lubed and tuned up. Paid double this amount when it was new.

Price is firm.

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Regardless of the marketing may tell you there is really nothing gender-specific about that bike other than bullshit marketing.

Short men this is an excellent buy with, like most 'women-specific bikes', has the same frame geometry as the 'mens' bike with the exception of *maybe* the stem.

This message has been brought to you by the stop pink washing cycling foundation.

Yep, totally agree. In fact, the bike my wife just bought is a "mens" bike. Regardless, a bike is just a frame with components, and either the frame is or isn't the right size for you!


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