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Sold the helmet.

Winter knit attachment info

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Hi Jim,

How much for the helmet? I'm interested in it.


Oh duh...I didn't even include a price. Sorry about that.

I'm looking for $40 OBO.

Great! I want it.

Ricardo, I accepted your request. Go ahead and message me and we'll work out all of the details.

Helmet is sold to Ricardo. Enjoy, sir!

The winter knit is still available to anyone who would like to have it. It fits all Bern Zipmold helmets.

I need to check, but it should fit mine. If it does I'd like to buy it.

Let me know, Lucas.

I've added you as a friend so we can set up a time and place

Tom Skilling says this April was actually colder than the month of March. That means there is still time for you to use and buy this Bern liner!

Been a long time, but bump. This is still for sale. With colder weather here and winter fast approaching, those of you with the right Bern helmets could use this!

Brr! There were actually flurries today! Still available!

Hey Daniel,

I sent you a friend request so we can message. I'm pretty much free from 6PM on. Message me your availability.


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