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FS: 1984 Centurion Turbo, beautiful vintage steel, 54cm, EC

For sale is this beautiful bike, top of the line for Centurion in 1984, prior to their introduction of the Ironman series.   It has the best Japanese components of the time, including Suntour Superbe/Superbe Pro.  But rather than list everything, here's the actual catalog page, from Sheldon Brown's site (mine is identical but for the chainrings not being anodized):

This one is all original (but for grease, bearings, tires and tubes, cables) has low miles and no damage. Leather on saddle and toe clip straps is in fine shape, gum brake lever hoods are still supple and uncracked. It needs nothing.

Measures 54cm Center to Center on the seat tube and 55cm CtC on the top tube.

There is a bit of wear and some touched-up scratches but I doubt there's a nicer one anywhere.  I have enjoyed owning and riding it but my vintage bike interests are trending toward slightly older bikes and French ones at that...

Please only respond if you 'get' the bike.  I've priced it for someone who'll appreciate the originality and condition.   Some of the parts are valuable in themselves, but I hope the next owner will keep it intact.


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This is not still available, is it?

Albany Park Al said:


Nope, finally put it on eBay, sold it to a collector in CA. 

ah, darn!  Thanks for the info :)

Can I ask: what'd you get for it?


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