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Planning for a Friday Morning Memorial for Neill Townsend to Raise Awareness about Dooring and Sharing the Road



The date for the memorial has been changed to FRIDAY, OCTOBER 19TH.
We will meet from 8-8:30 am at the northwest corner of Wells and Oak Streets.

Here is the link to the event page.


This is a new discussion based off of one of the threads of conversations in the discussion "Bicyclist killed at Oak & Wells Friday AM". Some folks were on board with the idea of holding a memorial on the morning of Friday, October 19th around the time the accident occurred, which would create the opportunity for it to serve as a chance to raise awareness about dooring and sharing the road at a high traffic time. Several people made good suggestions there. They are copied and pasted in a reply below.

If you have any suggestions or you're willing to help out, please comment here.

Once details have been worked out, I'll post it as an event. 

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So, what's been decided?  This Friday?  Place, location, address?  Next week?

My 2 ¢:

We should limit the big push to one day, to maximize the number of the cycling community who can plan to be there (not just people who commute along that route regularly). More planning time is always good! The vigil had 50 attendees, and 8am on a weekday could get many more if the date and message is set, plus I'm hoping it will reach the folks that need to be reached - auto commuters along this route. I don't think waiting until next week (whatever day is chosen) will diffuse anything, and it will allow chainlinkers to participate in an awareness campaign alongside Neill's loved ones, who likely share the sentiments. 

Ok. Since I seem to have gotten this started, I'm gonna make an executive decision. Given the input above, we're gonna move the date back to Friday the 19th. 

This will allow Neill's family and friends to attend; it will still be an anniversary of his death; it will consolidate efforts around a single date; and it will give us more time to organize, plan and to reach out to the schools on that block.

I'll update the event.

So, to be clear- the Memorial will be held on Friday, October 19th from 8-8:30am on the corner of Wells and Oak Streets.

I'll be there on the 19th. Thanks for planning this (and kudos for the executive decision making)!

I'll be there.

Sounds like a good plan.  I'm working up near Waukegan that morning, but my thoughts will be with you folks.

I'll be there, too.

Sounds good. I'll be there. Thanks, Melissa, for making the final decision.

Excellent executive decision making!  Everything happens on Gods plan is the message I have been seeing in life for some time now, and it comes to mind watching the plans come together.  I think pushing the date back is an excellent call.  I just might be coming over for this.  (I used to live in the high rise right across from Payton)

This dooring issue has to be taken care of!  And it starts with realization and education. 

Is anyone from Neills Kentucky family on Chainlink yet?

Thank you so much Melissa! Here is the event itself - please share with all bicycling and supportive folks you know:

Please forgive me if someone has already said this in the current thread:

Cyclist and pedestrian awareness must be an integral part of driver training and licensing. Nothing short of that is acceptable.

And a state sanctioned 'look for cyclists' sticker on all new vehicle doors/windows would also be appropriate. Heck, why not have it mandatorily etched on all new vehicle windows, rather like the rear view mirror 'objects appear closer [....]' warning?

PS - Regretfully I cannot attend on 10/19. Just moved to Houston.

Here is my flyer if anyone wants it.  I'll try to get some made too.




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