Friday 2.21 & 3.7: Computrainer Omnium hosted by Half Acre Cycling

Half Acre Cycling is hosting a computrainer omnium race at Hpi Chicago, a fitness studio near the Irving Park brown line. Tomorrow is race 3 of 4, beginning at 6:30. There are multiple races, as there are only eight computrainers.

Heats are open to everyone. $10 cash entry, with a portion of proceeds going to West Town Bikes.

Bring your bike, a trainer skewer if you have one, your shoes, and BYORecovery Beverage. If nothing else, it's a great workout. Podiums 3 deep for men and women with prizes! At the last race, there were cross bikes, hybrids, a single speed delivery bike and a Chicago Cargo bike.

Spectators and cyclists welcome.

Full details here:

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