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Over the years I've made several stickers for bicycling causes.  Just request and I'll mail you some.


No catch. It's just fun, helps the cause, and only costs me a few dollars.


I've built a quick form to pick how many and get your address:



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Hola, Andrew i dont have a Jeras's would like one.  2707 s. spaulding ch. il 60623 gracias.


Hey Mario, please punch in your request on the form:




It literally took us all the way up until now to fill inventories on all stickers.  Jera's whimsies in particular I ended up copying from 'puter to nice glossy label stock (rather than all hand drawn, 'k?).

I'M READY TO SHIP NOW to the back orders from Feb.

And posting here so the topic gets a bump

and so newcomers can snag 'em.



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