my job has millions of gallons of paint.  all kinds, all colors, all finishes.  they are left overs from previous projects. 


anyone need paint for your spring refreshes?  painting your house? any DIY projects?


did i mention its free?  its available in wood dale (near ohare)


contact me if interested, ill give you the details.

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You could donate to the Chicago Paint Exchange.  I believe it is still affiliated with the recycling facility at 1150 N Branch Street if you wanted to haul it out there.

I'd like to take a look sometime next week after work if possible! Where is your work and what's a good time?

Hi, I just got my first home and we will be needing some paint.  I'll message you.

it's all residential and commercial grade, interior and exterior paint. oil and latex. most colors we are able to mix. might not be 100 exact but pretty damn close. I work in wood dale, in the commercial park between thorndale and wood dale roads. I work till 430 everyday.

i need paint, too!  

whacha need?

I think I'm going to paint my living room grey....

can you look up a swatch that i may reference?

Hi Igz,  well that is just amazing.. if you still have the paint I'd love to take some.  I will even pay some money!   I am painting my condo.. it is only 600 sq. feet (not too much wall space) and I was hoping to do a nice cream color or a light gold-ish looking taupe color.  


I am also doing one accent wall in a shade similar to Robin's egg blue..    :)


Can you advise ?    Thank you so much!

Kelley Green


773 387 0750


p.s.  i think i met you last summer at the bike shack by the tennis courts..  Addison Harbor in chicago.. you look very familiar..   cheers..

hi kelley!  we very well may have met.  ill send ya an email as well, but try to get me a swatch color name or number, either from behr or sherwin williams or benjamin moore.  all of them have swatches on their websites.

okay.. will do that..  today or by the end of this weekend.  will need to get back to paint store for that.

thanks again..

both sherwin williams and benjaman moore have smartphone apps, you take a pic of the color you want and it tells you the color name and swatch number


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