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my job has millions of gallons of paint.  all kinds, all colors, all finishes.  they are left overs from previous projects. 


anyone need paint for your spring refreshes?  painting your house? any DIY projects?


did i mention its free?  its available in wood dale (near ohare)


contact me if interested, ill give you the details.

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Millions of gallons?  Really, millions?  I bet they only have several hundred thousand gallons!
Thank you, Captain Specific. Yes, to avoid fraudulent claims or false advertising...we have severl hundred thousand gallons. Maybe even as low as just over a hundred thousand. Still a fuck-ton of paint. Hopefully a 'fuck-ton' is ambiguous enough.

Yo!  Hook me up.  I can use some paint.  My two kids did some Picasso on my walls and I'd like to paint them up.


I live in Schaumburg and I can pick them up from you asap!!!  Call me or send me email:  phone: 224.795.2497



I'm moving to a new place soon, I'd love some paint to spruce up the place.

Shelby, let me know what you need and when you can pick it up.

Moc Artsy, my team at the shop are awesome color matchers.  they do it for customers all the time.

Do you still have any? I work near wood dale. Would love to pick some up!

this thread is from 2 years ago!

psst...whacha need?

 we still got a bunch of paint.

that's awesome!




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