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Hi Chainlinkers- 

This is Jon from J.C. Lind Bike Co. (1311 N. Wells Street in Old Town). We are trying to clear some space at the shop and hoping to find new homes for these bike boxes. If you have a need please text us 312 643-1670 and they are yours. Prefer to get them out asap so if you won't be able to get them within a weeks time please don't reply. I will check back on this forum periodically but best way to get your name in on these is to text us.


Brompton Box 

Trek Road Bike box - inside dims 42" L x 31" W x 10.5" H outside dims 43" L x 34" W x 11" H

Misc - Was a box that a Civia Halsted (cycle truck) came in - inside dims 47" L x 26" W x 10" H outside dims 48" L x 28" W x 11" H

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