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Free; 30 pound plywood bike shipping box. I went on TOSRV twice and another tour where I shipped my bike ahead, toured, and shipped it back. I am offering the crate free to anyone who contacts me by midnight November 13th. If there are no takers, I will discard it.

The crate was made with compromises between Fedex dimensional weight, maximum size USPS will accept Parcel Select, structural strength , cost of materials and contain a 24.5 inch (frame size) bike.

The exterior dimensions are 55.0 x 30.0 x 7.4 inches. There is a 30.0 x 48.0 inch removable panel closed by twenty wood screws, no hinges or latches. I carried a spiral ratchet screwdriver in my luggage. It made short work of the twenty screws to open and close. Maybe you can arrange for a power screwdriver at your destination. The rest of the box is screwed and glued for strength.

To pack a bike in this box unbolt the brake calipers from the frame. Remove the gooseneck (quill type) with handlebars attached. Pack the handlebars/gooseneck/brakes with attached cables as one unit. Remove seat, wheels, cranks and rear derailleur from frame. I use 3M blue masking tape to hold on bubble wrap and tape parts together so nothing is loose
Notes on shipping: I have shipped Fedex, USPS and UPS. Most times the size determined the cost, not the weight.
When shipping Fedex: this box has a dimensional weight of 84 pounds. Be sure when shipping to have them enter 7.4 inches and not 8 inches for the third dimension or the total cost goes up near 50%.
When shipping USPS: it has to go Parcel Select since it is over 108 girth length sum. It is just under the maximum size for USPS Parcel Select so it will ship.
When shipping UPS: This is a wooden box (not cardboard) so UPS will label it “irregular” and charge an extra five USD.
You can request friend status and then we can email back and forth or you can text (312) 625-3073 please TEXT ONLY . Voice calls and voice mail fails to that number. Offer ends unless contacted by midnight Nov 13.

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Interesting (but I have no room for it). What size bike do you/can you squeeze into the box? That might help other people figure out if it would be a workable solution for their needs.

I have shipped 27 inch wheel size 24.5 inch (62cm) frame size Mercian road bike.  Also a XLarge frame size Klein mountain bike.  The box got built after UPS dented my Klein packed and shipped in cardboard from a bike shop in Denver. The hardest part to pack are the drop style road bars with attached brake levers. 


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