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So, I wussed out of riding my bike to work yesterday because of the cold. I didn't think I had the proper gloves. I was so annoyed by my bus commute that when it came time to go to my class in the evening, I decided to drag out my bike anyway.

Thinking my hands would freeze, I decided to layer two pairs of running-specific gloves I got as gifts a few years back. The first layer are Mizuno Breath Thermo Gloves, the second layer are a pair of Brooks convertible mittens - fingerless gloves with a protective mitten layer that folds overhead for warmth. Amazingly, my fingers did not even get the slightest bit cold, and I have very poor circulation!
I only had to ride 15 minutes at a time last night, but I used them again on the commute this morning (~45 minutes) with the same results. My hands were extremely toasty! When I need to use my fingers , I just pull back the mitten top and I have as much dexterity as though I were bare-handed! I haven't tried them riding in the wet yet, but I can say from my experience running with them that they are pretty water-resistant.
Anyway, just wanted to share because I've been lurking around this site and saw lots of posts complaining about cold, numb hands. I'm so glad I tried out my existing gloves before buying an expensive pair of lobster gloves! Maybe this solution will work for someone else out there.

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