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I have almost new (Less than 300 miles) Brooks B17 Aged. Bought it couple of weeks ago but the riding position on my cyclocross bike does not agree with Brooks width. 

I am looking to trade for saddle that is more of a road bike shape and width. Reply with pictures if interested. I hope we can make a square and fair trade.



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I have four leather road saddles and will trade you whichever of these you may want. All made in Italy.

1. Cinelli Unicantor, oldest of the bunch, early 70's. Very good condition.

2. Selle San Marco Rolls, mid-80's. Small tear in leather, otherwise excellent condition.

3. Vetta TT Trishock, '90's. Vanadium Rails. Excellent condition.

4. Selle San Marco Ponza, recent. Excellent condition.



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