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During the winter months we understand some riders prefer to take their workout indoors for one reason or another. However most of the time outdoor cyclists and casual riders are not always equipped with the proper indoor training equipment because their true love is for outdoor cycling. Often riders become board with indoor workouts and may even slowly fade away from working out during a few months out of the year.

In order to prevent that, we would like to reach out to the Chainlink community as an outlet for indoor riders. Built on a strict no membership, no term contract fitness center, TheCycleStudio provides access to seasonal riders with no obligation. TheCycleStudio is a place where you can get an indoor workout during the winter and head right back out as soon as you’re ready. We conduct indoor classes 7 days a week at various times to fit within everyone’s schedule. We encourage everyone to at least give indoor cycling a try. Your first session is completely FREE, simply print our coupon online.

The studio features 20 CycleOps 300PT Club Pro Cycles, which gives riders the power and feel of outdoor cycling. Our instructors provide audio and visual entertainment with real world bike path tours from around the world on two 4 foot screens. Riders control their ride at all times and with our onboard monitors, are able to see their workout progress as they go!

TheCycleStudio fully supports the outdoor cycling community and wants to allow riders the ability to enjoy outdoor cycling just as much as indoor. We would like to share our studio with the Chainlink community as an alternative training method during the winter months for those who do not wish to ride outdoors. We already have a two local outdoor bike clubs come in once a week during the winter season for private club sessions. They were our encouragement to reach out to other cycling communities around Chicago about training indoors during the winter season.

Post any questions or comments below and feel free to contact us through email or visit us online!

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