For Sale: Tandem - Raleigh Coupe. Absolute beauty that needs a new home.

Beautiful Raleigh Coupe Tandem.

Very solid frame. We used it for city commuting for about 5 years with our daughter. Minimal repairs or punctures and no accidents except for maybe the odd drop.

I have a 30" inside leg and can ride pilot with the seat all the way down with no problem. Current cruiser bars were put on to shorten reach for 5'3 daughter as stoker, straight original bars included too.

Matt black finish with superficial marks from chains etc. Recently looked at by LBS and we tuned the gears, replaced cables and a new long chain. The finish is peeling off the chainring but this is just cosmetic due to being outside too much. It is not affecting the performance of the chain or gears.

Frame:Raleigh Coupe - Aluminium oversized tubes.
Wheels: Alex DM21
Tyres: Schwalbe Marathon 700 x 28
Groupset: Truvativ Elita Isis Drive
Disc Brakes: Avid
Gears: Shimano 105. 9 Speed.
Saddles: Big and comfy.
Some additional reflect tape etc.

Feel free to ask for more photos, info or to come and take a look. Near Independence Park, on the north west side of Chicago.

Really hate to sell this but it hasn't been used in a year or so and deserves to be ridden.


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