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Not sold but off the market: 1964-65 Sears Spaceliner Deluxe

Thanks for looking but I'm reconsidering and will see about fixing this one up a bit and keeping it in the stable. 

Great vintage 'barn find' bike project. Pedals missing, kickback 2 speed hub not working. Too many bike projects in the garage. If interested in giving a Spaceliner a spaceport, let me know. Will consider offers! Would love the bike to find a home.

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If I had the money/space, I would definitely jump on this. Currently I have 5 bicycles and too many projects. 

How about for $100? Or an offer? Would love to find a home for the bike. Yes there's issues with it, but the fenders aren't all dented up, the whitewalls are holding air and aren't all cracked and crazed... 

Offering $75.00 plus Bike Flight to Manheim, PA 17545. Let me know please. Can do PP F&F.

Tia, Walter

Thanks for the offer Walter, and although I'd like to say sure, boxing up the bike etc. is just a bit too much to sort out with everything else that's going on over here. I'm going to mark the bike "Off the market" and hang onto it and see if I can get to it as a project sooner than I was thinking.


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